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2011 School Board Survey

2011 School Board Survey�
Florida Abigail Adams Project

This survey has been designed by Floridians for candidates that are running for School Boards in all 67 counties of Florida.� The statements with an asterisk will be included on the Abigail Adams Project printable voter guides that will be handed out in neighborhoods and at the polls on election days. The entire survey will be posted on a website that will be available for all voters to educate themselves about the candidate and their views.

Each candidate will be given ample opportunity to respond to the survey and we will call to confirm your decision to refuse to answer the survey before we submit the information to our website/voter guides.

In order to maintain consistency and fairness in representing all candidates we have implemented the following restrictions on additional comments.

  1. Comments about the candidate's responses are limited to points of clarification only.

  2. No references to opposing candidates will be allowed.

  3. Response to why you are running for office will be limited to 300 words.

It is important to note, that while the candidates and their stand on key issues are listed in our voter information, Party affiliations are not. The Abigail Adams Project does not endorse or promote any political party or particular candidate. The Project simply informs voters on who the candidates are and where they stand on the issues, allowing the voters to decide for themselves who they want to represent them. Party affiliations are irrelevant. It is the person running that matters and not the political party they are affiliated with or whether they are affiliated with a political party at all. For that reason, the Abigail Adams Project does not include Party affiliations.

Homemakers for America is the sponsoring organization for the Abigail Adams Project and all questions regarding the project should be directed to the Florida Coordinator of Homemakers for America.

Candidates will choose whether they strongly support, support, oppose or strongly oppose the following statements. If they feel that their response needs clarification, they will have an opportunity to briefly clarify any of their responses at the end of this portion of the survey.� *1. The fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children.
*2. Parental consent should be required prior to giving information and/or care to K-12 students regarding sexuality and reproductive health in publicly funded schools.
*3. Parents have the right to inspect and review with educators/administrators all instructional materials and methods in a publicly funded school system.
*4.� Federal control of curriculum through the No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top initiatives.
*5. Teaching Intelligent Design in conjunction with Evolution and other scientifically recognized theories in taxpayer funded Schools.

*6. Requiring students in taxpayer funded schools to participate in an in-depth study of the history of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence that includes the basis of religion in our founding fathers philosophy.

*7. Classroom instruction in taxpayer funded schools that promotes American sovereignty and warns of the risks of any measure giving another country, the United Nations, or any other entity power over the Constitutional rights of the United States citizens.

*8. Parents have the fundamental right to home educate their children without restrictions as to the curriculum and philosophy that is implemented in their home education program.
*9. Teacher assignments based on qualifications over seniority-based assignments.
*10.� The ability to increase a new teacher's pay based on their special experience and/or skill set needed by a publicly funded school.
*11. Unconditional/irrevocable tenure for educators in K-12 publicly funded schools.
*12. Financial transparency by putting the school board budget and financial statements on-line with a break down of every publicly funded school budget overseen by the school board and including a detailed list of expenditures each year.
*13. Increasing the number of charter schools by implementing a program where private organizations are permitted to place a bid for a failing public school with the understanding that the students of the failing school are to be given priority enrollment in the charter program.

*14. Legislation requiring parental consent to perform any abortion procedure on girls under 18 years of age.
*15. Child Centered Funding (School Choice) allowing taxpayer money allocated for education to follow the student in their choice of public, private or charter schools.

*16. A resolution that would call for ending busing for socioeconomic diversity in favor of assigning students to schools in their community to promote better parental involvement in their child's education.

17. Please describe the role of teachers' unions in the educational system today. Do you support alternatives to teacher unions? If so, what would you recommend as an alternative to the unionization of all tax payer supported educators/administrators.
18. Please explain what your goals are for the educational system in your county and how you plan to implement those goals, if elected.
19. I have read the Constitution of the United States and pledge to uphold the rights and standards contained within it while serving in my elected position.
20. Please indicate below if and when you have attended a seminar/course on the United States Constitution.

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